MEME-MORABLE: Use of Humor Appeal in Advertising and its Effect on the Buying Behavior of Different Generations in Metro Manila

Authors: Ibarra, Dylan Anne B., Pacia, Jasmin Joy C., Rillo, Shania Allona M., and Peñafiel, Sheena Queen P.

Issue: 2020-2021


The study, which used a quantitative approach, aimed to determine the use of humor appeal in advertising and its effect on the buying behavior of different generations, particularly Generations Y and Z, in Metro Manila. This study focused on Angkas, Inc., a motorcycle ride-hailing service provider that is well-known for its humorous advertising. A total of 400 respondents were chosen through stratified random sampling. Pearson’s Correlation was used in measuring any significant relationships between the variables, while Mann-Whitney U Test was performed to evaluate the significant difference between the respondents’ humor assessment of their buying behavior based on their generation. A significant relationship was observed between the respondents’ assessments of Angkas’ use of humor appeal and its effect on their buying behavior. On the contrary, there is no significant difference between their assessment and their buying behavior based on generation.

Keywords: Advertising, Buying Behavior, Humor, Generations