Arts and Cultural Affairs

About ACA

The Arts and Cultural Affairs Department (ACA) projects the image of the university through social and cultural activities and performances design to nurture and enliven artistic awareness. The ACA seeks to establish cultural tie-ups and relationships within and off campus, foster cultural exchanges and develop aesthetic sensibilities of various sectors of the academic community. The ACA performing units are, LPU Chorale, LPU Dance Troupe, Tanghalang Batingaw, LPU Wildstyle Crew, and Mr & Ms LPU.


The Arts and Cultural Affairs Department envisions the university’s role as a performing arts center by providing and producing diverse programs that addresses the need of the students on a personal, academic, social and cultural level, through the presentation and production of the comprehensive, year-round program of activities that represents the finest in the performing arts


It is the mission of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department to:

  1. enrich, expand and enhance the cultural climate of LPU.
  2. present intellectual and aesthetically challenging programs
  3. supplement, enhance and expand audiences’ awareness and accessibility to the arts
  4. strive to build a better understanding and appreciation for the profound importance of the arts in the life of the entire university, community and society.