College of Technology

About the College of Technology 

The Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila started the College of Engineering (COE) operations in 1978 with 442 students under the supervision of Engr. Magleo Adriano. The college grew in numbers of enrollees and industry affiliations through the years, making it one of the Higher Educational Institutions offering quality Engineering Programs. 

In 1996, the COE offered the BS Computer Science program. Since the BS Computer Science program population increased in the number of enrollees for the past 5 years when it was first offered, LPU Manila separated the Computer Science students from COE to set up the College of Computer Studies (CCS) in June 2001. 

LPU Manila’s goal is to cater to a rapidly increasing demand for IT Professionals. CCS also offers two (2) new additional Information Technology Education related programs, namely, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Science in Information Management (BSIM). 

However, in 2016, the LPU Manila management decided to merge the College of Computer Studies and College of Engineering into one College and named it the College of Technology (COT). Currently, COT offers three (3) degree programs, namely: BS in Computer Science, BS in Information Technology, and BS in Esports. The BSIT and the BSCS programs are PACUCOA Level III Accredited programs. 


The LPU Manila – College of Technology envisions itself to be one of the leading HEIs offering technology education, producing successful graduates, being recognized for its outstanding contribution in Research, Innovation, and Community Extension in the service of God and Country. 


Guided by LPU’s Vision, the College of Technology is committed to: 

  1. Research 
  1. Instructions, Quality Service and Institutional Development 
  1. Community Extension 
  1. Professionalism and Values