Senior High School Offerings

Academic TrackIn preparation for the following collegiate programs
Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) 
Culinary Arts 
Business Administration 
Customs Administration 
Hotel & Restaurant Administration 
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) 
Health Science 
Computer Science 
Information Technology 
Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) 
Foreign Language 
Foreign Service 
Legal Management 
Mass Communication 
Multimedia Arts 

Program Outcomes                                  


  1. Effectively communicate the language of business and management. 
  2. Analyze business problems and opportunities to create innovative recommendations. 
  3. Make sound decisions after developing intellectual skills and values needed at work or collegiate education. 
  4. Master the use of information technology in delivering business-related outcomes. 
  5. Acquire appreciation of ethical issues in economic competition both locally and globally. 
  6. Demonstrate entrepreneurial and managerial skills required at work. 


  1. Apply scientific knowledge, skills, and methods to problem solving. 
  2. Utilize analytical reasoning and mathematical techniques in understanding concepts necessary for decision making. 
  3. Conduct inquiry-based investigations using scientific process and information technology. 
  4. Effectively communicate unbiased research orally and in writing. 
  5. Use available resources in applying their knowledge and skills needed at work or collegiate education. 
  6. Demonstrate systematic application of scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills in addressing some issues in society. 


  1. Investigate the variety of human culture and create ways of innovating the way of life. 
  2. Creatively employ a wide range of philosophical methods in explaining varied human experiences. 
  3. Effectively articulate relevant contributions in coming up with decisions useful to society. 
  4. Use appropriate technological tools in conducting research needed to innovate solutions to societal problems. 
  5. Evaluate diverse ethical views and study their applicability to diverse human needs. 
  6. Demonstrate understanding and flexibility in dealing with diversity and unity among individuals. 

SHS Tracks – Curriculum 

The SHS curriculum includes three (3) subject groups. 

  • Core Subjects– the generic subjects required for all strands. 
  • Applied or Contextualized Subjects– develop the same competencies with different content based on your chosen strand. 
  • Specialized Subjects– sets of subjects based on specific specializations with competencies and content based on your chosen strand. 

Note: Before you enter SHS, be sure you have chosen the strand you want to finish in two years, which would depend mainly on your personal interests, potential and choice of career or college course.  

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