Student Affairs Office

About SAO

Student Services

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) supports programs that encourage the concept of total student development. It is committed to provide an environment conducive to personal, social, emotional, spiritual and organizational development through involvement in student activities. It continues to plan, implement, evaluate and support programs and services to meet student needs.

Student Activities

LPU encourages students to participate in school activities and join recognized organizations that will supplement their formal education, provide for substantial experiences, greater productivity and creative endeavors. LPU reserves the right to exclude any student from participating in such activities that may interfere with his studies.

  • Co-curricular activities are pursued to enrich the learning experiences of the students. They are meant to complement, and not to interfere with their studies. All co–curricular activities must be approved by the respective Deans within thirty (30) days from the opening of the semester.
  • Extra-curricular activities are meant to supplement classroom instruction and co-curricular activities. All extra-curricular activities shall be subject to review and approval by the College Dean and the Dean of Student Affairs. Supervision of these activities is the responsibility of the faculty adviser.

Student Discipline

The Student Affairs Office, in its objective to develop good moral character and personal discipline among LPU students, enforces discipline by consistently implementing the provisions in the Student Handbook. Promotion of discipline is a duty shared by all members of the LPU community. Implementation of sanction is implemented to correct student misbehavior and not to penalize students. All the discipline initiatives are geared toward the attainment of its ultimate goal— to develop LPU Students to become responsible, law abiding and productive citizens.

Student Responsibilities

Students are invested with the following obligations and responsibilities:

  1. To study conscientiously and achieve the best possible academic performance with honor and integrity;
  2. To uphold the basic principles and ideals of the school and contribute to the attainment of its objectives;
  3. To exercise their rights in a responsible manner with due regard for the rights of others;
  4. To preserve the academic atmosphere by observing discipline and by maintaining harmonious relationships with faculty members, administrative personnel, and fellow students; and
  5. To abide by the rules and regulations of the school and as mandated in the Student Handbook.


In partnership with the Archdiocese of Manila, the University provides opportunities for the integral faith formation and development of the school community through Campus Ministry. The Campus Ministers, along with the school Chaplain, Collaborators, and Student Volunteers, strive to build a community of God loving persons imbued with the spirit of service, love for truth, enlightened and assertive nationalism and a high sense of moral integrity through the following services:

  • Regular Masses and Confessions
  • Nourishing prayer life through Novenas and other devotional prayers as well as ensuring the prayerful ambiance of the school Chapel
  • Special liturgical celebrations
  • Catechetical/Faith Formation sessions
  • Spiritual conversations and accompaniment
  • Retreats and Recollections
  • Outreach programs


  • Venue Reservation
  • Locker Rental
  • Issuance of Good Moral Character Certificate
  • Lost and Found
  • College Yearbook and Graduation Portrait Package