Program Offerings


College of Arts and Sciences

  • AB Broadcasting
  • AB Communication
    • Major in:
      • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • AB Journalism
  • AB Legal Management
  • AB Multimedia Arts
  • BS Psychology

College of Business Administration

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Business Administration
    • Major in:
      • Business Management
      • Marketing Management
      • Operations Management   
  • BS Customs Administration
  • BS Management Accounting

College of International Relations

  • AB Foreign Service
    • Major in:
      • Diplomacy
      • International Trade

College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • BS International Hospitality Management
    • Specialization in:
      • Cruise Line Operations in Culinary Arts
      • Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services         
      • Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations
      • Hotel and Restaurant Administration
  • BS International Tourism Management

College of Technology

  • BS Computer Science*
    • Track 1: Data Science and Analytics
    • Track 2: Software Engineering
  • BS Information Technology*
    • Track 1: Information Security
    • Track 2: Technopreneurship
  • BS Esports
    • With specialization in:
      • Esports Management
      • Game Design and Development

*with additional Diploma for Associate Degree in Computer Technology



  • Ph.D. in Business Management
  • Ph.D. in Fiscal Management
  • Ph.D. in International Hospitality Management
  • Ph.D. in International Tourism Management
  • Ph.D. in Public Policies and Management
  • Ph.D. in English Language

*Note: LPU Ph.D. programs require the candidate during the duration of their academic studies in LPU to publish at least one research paper in either a reputable National or International Research Journal. This is aside from the end of the course research dissertation requirement.


  • Master of Arts in Communication
  • Master of Arts in Education
    • Major in:
      • Educational Management
      • Guidance and Counseling
      • Indigenous Education
      • Teaching Arts
  • Master of Arts in Foreign Service
  • Master in Business Administration (Academic Track)
  • Master in Business Administration
    • Specialization in:
      • International Trade
      • People Management
      • Quality Management
  • Master in Customs Administration and Supply Chain (Academic Track)
  • Master in Customs Administration and Supply Chain
    • Specialization in:
      • Import and Export Operations
      • Logistics Management
  • Master in Indigenous Studies
  • Master in Information Technology
  • Master in International Hospitality Management (Academic Track)
  • Master in International Hospitality Management
    • Specialization in Culinary Arts
  • Master in International Tourism Management
  • Master in Public Administration  (Academic Track)
  • Master in Public Administration
    • Specialization in:
      • Dispute Resolution
      • Quality Management
      • Taxation


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