College of Arts and Sciences

About CAS 


The College of Arts and Sciences envisions itself as a Center of Academic Excellence in the field of Arts and Sciences, where faculty and students thrive in an environment conducive to learning, development, and progress grounded on service to God and country; produce outstanding researches and creative works reflecting honor and integrity; gain national and international recognition, and make the college as one of the country’s premier learning institutions.


The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to the following mission: 1. Provide an excellent learning experience through innovative teaching 2. Provide appropriate knowledge and skills to meet industry requirement and /or to become self-reliant 3. Advance knowledge through critical insights, creative works, and breakthrough research 4. Produce globally competitive graduates embodying the Lycean values.


The School of Arts and Sciences was one of the three original schools of the Lyceum of the Philippines University. It had an enrollment of 350 students when it first opened in 1952, with Prof. Jose A. Adeva Sr. as Dean.

On June 15, 1953, Recognition Nos. 281 282 s. 1953 for Bachelor of Arts and Associate in Arts respectively were granted by the Department of Education after a year of operation. Students taking up the Bachelor of Arts courses can major in the following fields: English, Economics, Filipino Language, Political Science, History, Mathematics, Philippine Culture and Institution, Philosophy, Biology and Spanish.

Prof. Jose A. Adeva Sr. was designated on May 17, 1962 as Dean of the School of Humanities andSciences. This was subsequently followed on May 21, 1962 by the integration of the different schools: the School of Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Foreign Service, Education, and Economics and Business Administration on May 21, 1962.

Towards the end of 1976, the Board of Trustees, in one of its meetings approved the recommendation of Dean Cirilo Montejo of the School of Economics and Business Administration to change the term School (representing academic department) to College. Henceforth, the School of Humanities and Sciences has been changed to College of Arts and Sciences.

Since its inception in 1952, the College has been headed by the following: Prof. Jose A. Adeva, Dr. Deogracias Villadolid, Dr. Angelina Ramirez, Mrs. Lydia Vergara, Atty. Leon Guinto Sr., Dr. Priscilla Arguelles, Dr. Ernesto Franco, Atty. Orinico Bustamante, Atty. Ramon Tagle, Dr. Rosario Limcauco, Dr. Milda Ang (1990-1996), Dr. Prospero Covar (1996-1998), Dr. Elmer Ordonez (1998-2000), Prof. Ruby J. Cirineo (2000-2004), Dr. Kate C. Botengan (2004-2005) Mrs. Rizalina A. Cruz (2005 to 2017). Dr. Joyce M. Dy (2017-2018), Mr. Paolo Laurel (2018-2019) and Dr. Joseph Francisco (2019-present).

Presently, CAS is composed of the following departments: Department of Legal Management, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism and Department of Psychology. Also in the CAS are the following General Education (GE) Departments: Department of English and Literature, Department of Filipino, Department of Humanities, Department of Mathematics, Department of Natural Sciences, Department of Physical Education, and Department of Social Science.

The following are the programs under the CAS: Bachelor of Arts in Communication with specialization in Integrated Marketing Communication; Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Legal Management; and Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

In terms of accreditation, the following programs are Level IV Re-accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and University Commission On Accreditation (PACUCOA): AB Mass Communication, AB Journalism, AB Legal Management and BS Psychology

The CAS has for its main thrust the development of its faculty, staff and students. This is achieved through faculty development seminars, classroom visitations, regular faculty meetings and periodic conferences with the Department Chairs.

On the part of the students, the college aims to promote their academic and physical development. In carrying this out, it conducts thematic celebrations like Buwan ng Wika, English Days Celebration, Literary Festival, Arts Exhibits, History Days, Media Days, Gawad Laurel, Mathematics Days, Psychology Days, Legal Studies Days, Science Days, CAS Week and General Assemblies and JPL Academic and Non-Academic Competitions. In addition, the College encourages students’ involvement in different sports activities through the yearly Intramural Celebration headed by the Physical Education Department.

The College also helps the Communication and Public Affairs Department (CPAD) in its promotion/marketing activities through the annual Brain Quest, JPL Cup and Media Forum regularly attended by public and private high schools in Metro Manila.

College of Arts and Sciences continuously involves on research through local and international presentations of research papers and publication in SCOPUS index. The college also practices blended learning, engages on Massive Open Online Courses from the US Embassy, organizes events and competitions and participates with COSEL on outreach programs.