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About SHS 


Senior High School has been deployed in LPU – Manila since the Academic Year 2016-2017 in pursuance of the Republic Act No. 10533 which was signed by Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III into a Law on May 15, 2013. It is the Enhanced Basic Education Act mandating twelve years in the Philippine Basic Education system which empowers every Filipino learner to become competitive in their career path or any discipline they wish to pursue upon completing the K to 12 Program. With all the fervor to serve, LPU has been granted to operate Senior High School by the Department of Education with the provisional permit No. SHS-0059 s. 2015 released on April 21, 2015. 

Historically, SHS had an enrollment of 1,034 Grade 11 students when it commenced on June 13, 2016, with Ms. Clarence Ella D. Alipio as the first Principal and Ms. Irene G. Cruz as the Coordinator. There were twenty-eight (28) teachers that composed the first batch of SHS Faculty. 

The strands that were initially offered during the first Academic Year 2016-2017 were the ABM (Accounting, Business and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences). The ABM strand had the largest population of 718, while the STEM had 190, and HUMSS had 126. LPU’s thrust is more on Tourism and Management programs, and that explains why most would prefer ABM. One enhancement that makes LPU-SHS stand out from other schools which was launched in this same year is its SAP Program integrated in the subject Fundamentals of Accounting, Business and Management, where the ABM students are taught to be adept in computerized accounting, thus, making them prepared not only for the higher-level accounting subjects in college, but also for work in the related field. 

In the same Academic Year, the SHS LYCESGO (Lyceum Central Student Government) was formed on July 4, 2016 with its first president, Gember Carl Linsangan and adviser John Christian Espinola. On the other hand, the official logo was devised under the expertise of Mr. Alshamir Aripuddin with the help of Mr. Mark D. Dublin. Mr. Aripuddin also composed the SHS hymn entitled “We Soar High” and interpreted by the SHS chorale. It was a very fruitful beginning when Ms. Stella Mariz P. Indiongco successfully launched the official SHS publication, The Lycean Pioneer and Ang Simula. 

At the onset of the Academic Year 2017-2018, the Senior High School Department had its additional administrative personnel, the Curriculum Coordinator under the name of Mr. Mark D. Dublin whose main task is to oversee the curriculum in terms of enhancement, teachers’ compliance with the Classrom Monitoring Report, Electronic Class Records and encoding of grades; another position is the Discipline Officer under the name of Mr. Ronnel B. Agoncillo Jr. whose main role is to hear, settle and sanction student issues with the consensus of the Board of Discipline. 

Part of the enhancement of the program was the adding of Nihongo Class as elective subject which is non-mandatory. The Grade 12 also were also required to take the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) as part of their credential necessary for college and / or work preparation. NCIII for Events Management also became part of the program for Grade 12 ABM, being a pilot group for NC, and fortunately almost all takers were labeled “competent.” The immersion of this first batch of Grade 12 also left historical marks in the program as they have performed in the industry, garnering competent grades as well. 

Another leap is the adding of student organizations namely: 5S Club – headed by Mr. Agoncillo, and is geared to promoting the school’s advocacy to 5S and student discipline; BMC (Bearers of Music Club) – the official SHS choir headed by Mr. Dublin, and has been actively part of the department’s and the university’s various programs; the Cerberus Sports Club – headed by Mr. Billy V. Natad, and was tasked to oversee the sports engagement of SHS in and off-campus; and LOVES (League of Outreach Volunteers and Engaged Students) headed by Ms. Josefina A. Lazaro, and was tasked to initiate campaigns for community extension activities. Stanley Piolo Garcia was the next LYCESGO president under the same adviser, Mr. Espinola. 

One very significant feature of the academic roadmap of LPU is the utilization of e-learning platform on the pursuit of distance and blended learning. Being dynamic members of the institution, the SHS department has shown commitment to the development of modules, and so come its second year, the faculty has started utilizing the Blackboard Open LMS under the app name myLPU e-Learning. This platform is very useful in catering to self-paced learning among students in accomplishing learning activities via any gadgets guided by the learning outcomes per subject. 

Having a total of 845 student population for Grade 11 and 942 for Grade 12, the number of faculty members has increased from 28 to 44. 

On its third year of implementation, Academic Year 2018-2019, the third LYCESGO president was Kate Nicole Cabuhat under the supervision of the new Adviser, Mr. Bernard Cutchon. This year, there were additional elective classes to cater to the specific interests of students in their respective strands. These electives are Advertising Management (continuation of Events Management), Cookery, Food and Beverage Service, Bread and Pastry Production, Philippine Tourism, Geography and Culture, Tourism Promotions, Local Tour Guiding, Robotics, Health Science, Freehand Drawing and 2-D Animation, while SAP One is no longer integrated in the Accounting subject but is now another elective for ABM students. 

The immersion of this G12 batch has changed direction, and that was giving the students their liberty to choose the industry of work they wish to pursue in college. Hence, the department got into contracts with industry partners for immersion deployment off-campus to various companies. F1 Manila Hotel and Resorts and Topserve Service Solutions catered to the deployment of G12 students, and the stories of experiential learning were commendable. 

On its fourth year, Academic Year 2019-2020, which opened on August 12, 2019, the fourth LYCESGO president was Erik Joshua Tan under the supervision of the new Adviser, Mr. Mark Dublin, while there is the new Discipline Officer, Ms. Cristina Moya. Pertaining to curriculum, another milestone took off and that was the integration of local and international certifications in line with the employment exit of SHS graduates, thus preparing the graduates to be work-ready after two years. These certifications also make them college ready aside from the skills and competencies they have gained. 

Aside from the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) under Hopkins International Partners as part of the credentials of G12, the department signed a partnership MOA with Innovative Training Works in creating student wizards in the era of Microsoft geniuses. G12 were geared towards mastering the Microsoft productivity tools — Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Hence, all learners took the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification, and most of the population got certified, and some even qualified for the National Competition given the highly competent scores garnered. Not only that, 90% of the faculty and admin have been certified too. 

In terms of research, one of the department’s sought-after features, the students receive the kind of experience they will be thankful for as they enter college, because of the faculty’s strong dedication in making instruction well-defined and in exposing students to research presentations locally and abroad. As LPU has the clear directions on meeting SCOPUS Index publications, various seminars and trainings are being provided to the faculty and directors, as well as to the students. One best practice of the university is teaching students to produce well-written papers free from plagiarism, that is why one main expenditure is the Turn-It-In subscription made accessible to all learners, faculty and admin. 

Immersion industry partners remain the same, while the use of myLPU e-Learning remains productively utilized. 

All the mentioned enhancements in the curriculum are for the quality service to stakeholders, mainly the students. What a learner specifically needs will always be prioritized 


A hub of proactive learners equipped with excellence and innovation in the service of God and country. 


The Senior High School is committed to the following mission: 

  1. Engage learners in various research studies that will hone their critical thinking and collaborative skills. (Research) 
  1. Provide outcome-based learning experiences through creative and innovative strategies that will render them technical and conceptual skills. (Instruction and Quality Services) 
  1. Prepare learners to exemplify responsible leadership in school and in society through relevant school activities and industry immersion, which are vital to their future real-life encounters. (Instruction and Institutional Development) 
  1. Conduct programs that will serve a purpose to the society and promote social awareness. (Community Extension) 
  1. Produce holistic graduates that meet the demands of both the local and the global market with professionalism and integrity. (Professionalism and Values)