Corporate Social Responsibility

About COSeL   


LPU COSeL envisions itself as a leading catalyst for social transformation in the Asia Pacific region promoting social justice and  peace education in its programs participated in by empowered  communities towards the attainment of  a just and humane society. 


To attain its vision, COSel commits itself to the following mission statements: 

  1. Ensures community participation at all levels of engagements agreed upon with its partners thereby empowering others and itself as catalysts for change and development; 
  2. Capacitates its institutional infrastructure where its human and material resources are mobilized putting love of God and country in the forefront of all its endeavors with the community at large; 
  3. Creates opportunities for community development by harnessing facilitative actions and neutralizing if not eliminating deterring factors in the attainment of its goals and objectives; 
  4. Adopts an outcomes-based education paradigm where the various engagements carried above are not merely verbalized but are also actualized and reflected upon appropriately in various situations especially in the promotion of peace and justice; 
  5. Acknowledges limitations but maximizes community potentials inherent among individual members and collective groups; and 
  6. Aligns itself with national development goals towards fulfillment of global quality standards. 

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