Student Organizations

Student Organizations’ Description AY 2023-2024 

University-wide Organizations   

Lyceum Central Student Government (LYCESGO) – The Lyceum Debate Society (LDS) is a duly-recognized university-wide student organization of the Lyceum of the Philippines University under the supervision and guidance of the Student Affairs Office (SAO). Founded in 1987, the LDS is the varsity debate organization of the Lyceum. It is one of the oldest student organization of its kind in the Philippines. The LDS has three main thrusts. As a varsity organization, it represents the Lyceum in regional, national and international debate tournaments. As a debate organization, it is committed to the promotion of the art of parliamentary debating among Filipino students. As a youth organization, it aims to raise the level of awareness and to encourage critical thinking among the youth in general and the Lyceans in particular.  
LPU Chorale – The Lyceum of the Philippines University Chorale has been a source of pride for the institution because Jose P. Laurel, our former president was a fond lover of music. The chorale regularly performs in the social, academics functions and even in outside the campus like national and international chorale competitions.  
LPU Dance Troupe – is the official Dance Organization in the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila, composed of Senior High School and College Students.  
LPU Microsoft Student Community – LPU Microsoft Student Community was established year 2014 by the LPU’s Microsoft Student Partners, now Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. As Microsoft’s technology evangelist in the university, the organization ensures that all students are updated on the newest applications and technologies of Microsoft.  
LPU Pep Squad
LPU Pirate Esports
LPU Tanghalang Batingaw – “Tanghalang Batingaw, the pioneer university-wide and socio-cultural theatre organization in Lyceum of the Philippines University has been in the forefront of Philippine theatre in the campus for 44 years now. Considered to be the longest running theatre organization in Intramuros Manila, Tanghalang Batingaw has been dedicated in uplifting the cultural awareness, values and artistic development of the Lycean community through the appreciation of theatre arts by staging plays discussing diverse and relevant social issues.”  
LPU United Nation Children’s Fund/UNICEF Volunteers (LUV) – is a health/volunteerism based organization focused on the promotion and protection of the rights of the Filipino children. The community that LPU UNICEF Volunteers will be helping are the Aeta community and the children of Intramuros.  
LPU Young Educator’s Guild – is an organization offering quality language enhancement, ESL program, and Cross – Cultural Activities to LPU’s International Students and walk-in clients. LPU-YEG advocates multi-cultural awareness and cultural flexibility among the international students and the Filipino students of the university.  
LPU Wildstyle Crew
LPU LAYASARI – LPU Layasari, the sole LGBTQ+-centric student organization of LPU Manila
LPU Math Club
LPU Young Filipino Advocates of Critical Thinking (YFACT) – is a University-Wide Organization duly recognized in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. It was founded year 2018 by Mac Ericson Cinco in the hopes to combat misinformation and disinformation as well as advocate for responsible use of social media. yFACT-LPU has been awarded by LPU as Most Outstanding Event of the Year by organizing the 1st ever Pinoy Social Media, a national youth event which have gathered social media influencers, youtubers, journalist, mental health advocates, government officials to discuss the relation of responsible use of social media towards social issues.  

College based Organization  

College of Arts and Sciences  

CAS Student Government – The College of Arts and Sciences Student Government (CAS SG) believes in establishing and maintaining a harmonious and peaceful relationship among the CAS student body, faculty and the administration, based on the mutual trust, respect, equality, and transparency; and in upholding the ideals of the University that are geared towards safeguarding a well-rounded intellectual, social, cultural and physical developments of every student.   
LPU LEX – “Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex” The Welfare of the People is the supreme Law; therefore LPU Lex is a college-based organization under College of Arts and Sciences In Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila Campus; that serves not just Legal students but as well as the normal citizens. LPU LEX stands for the truth, justice, equality, freedom and promotes peace in accordance with the Law as well as the Supreme Law of the Land or the Constitution.  
LPU Multimedia Arts Society – holds the reputation of producing elites in the field of art. Partaking in its mission to aid venturous artists, the members are exposed to different facets of creativity so as to boost their confidence and capacity. Any student under the College of Arts and Sciences are welcome to join. Let yourself take part in our renowned Multimedia Arts family! 
LPU Psychology Society – LPU Psychology society – is a college- based organization that aims to promote a harmonious relationship toward the psychology community, to strengthen the innate knowledge of everyone in terms of Mental Health and to spread awareness the importance of it. LPU Psychology society also aims to break any stigma that prevents all individuals to understand Psychology in a much deeper sense. With today’s generation, we are going to give our best at everything to reach out and help those people who are in need, we are not just an organization but a society filled with people who wants to build a better environment for all.  

College of Business Administration   

CBA Student Government – The Student Government of the College of Business Administration invests wholeheartedly in serving the Tycoons by upholding the principles of Jose P. Laurel and his dedication to leadership and excellence. Through this vision, the CBA-SG commits to promulgate these principles by being the bridge of communication for the Tycoons and providing quality service for the betterment of our beloved college.  
LPU Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) – is a duly recognized organization from Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila that enables accountancy and management accounting students to be guided on being a competent CPAs and CMAs. Their purpose is to serve as the governing body of all Accountancy (BSA) and Management Accounting (BSMA) students during their stay at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila and as a local chapter of the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila.  
LPU The Business Marketing and Operations Management Society – is the organization for Business, Operations and Marketing Management students under the College of Business Administration of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. It is an organization of well-rounded leaders with aptitude skills and values that aims to recognize and to develop future professionals.  
LPU Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students (PSCAS) – is an organization created to serve the moral, intellectual, physiological, social and emotional needs of its Lycean members. It is an organization that takes the responsibility of preparing national leaders in the government tariff and customs service and the industry as professional practitioners guided by the love for truth and fortitude and the highest sense of moral integrity. In coordination with the College of Business Administration of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, PSCAS endeavors to provide its members an atmosphere of openness to new ideas, and creative thinking in response to the rapid changes and development in the customs and logistics industry.  

College of International Relations   

CIR Student Government – The College of International Relations Student Government (CIR SG) is a duly recognized student government under the College of International Relations of the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Its primary aim and objective are as follows: 1) Protect and promote the rights and general welfare of the LPU Manila student body and the Filipino people; 2) Do all the duties and responsibilities vested by the constitution; 3) Foster unity among the students and the university and its administration; lastly 4) Uphold the ideals of the University that are geared towards safeguarding a well-rounded intellectual, social, cultural and physical developments of every student.  
LPU Foreign Languages Association – The Foreign Language Association (FLA) is a school organization in the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila that was created for students who have interests in foreign languages. It is an organization that helps students to love learning new languages. The FLA was established in SY 1998-99 as an umbrella organization for the various foreign language student associations. The FLA is composed of the Nihonggo Kaiwa kai, an association formed in 1992 by Japanese Language students; Circulo Cervantino for Spanish Language students; Institution de la Langue Francaise for French, and the Zhong Wen Xue Yue for Mandarin. Recently in 2015, Hangugeo Hakdang was created by students with Korean language skills.  
LPU Foreign Service Club – is a college-based organization that organizes simulations, seminars/forum and workshops about Diplomacy and International Trade. The objective of FSC is to provide activities that will help International Relations students improve and develop their skills that will be beneficial for their personal growth and career development. Some of these activities are Ambassador’s Talk in which we invite Ambassadors for a seminar, Foreign Service Officer Exam simulation, LPU Model United Nations and more.  
LPU Project for Asian and International Relations (LPU-PAIR) – is a student-led organization that originated from the very vision of its mother organization, the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, in bringing the leaders of today and tomorrow in an exchange regarding the most pressing economic, political, and social issues that are vital to the Asia-Pacific region. Akin to its mother organization, the LPUPAIR continues to craft and house neoteric modes of understanding international relations in the Asia-Pacific region that address concerns that are vital to the international community and promote global understanding and cooperation in the region with the guidance of the Lyceum of the Philippines University’s mission and vision along with the LPUPAIR’s mission of shaping the visionaries of today into the apt architects of our future.  
LPU United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) – LPU United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is a recognized organization of the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila and a founding member of the National Association of UNESCO Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. It is committed to the attainment of the International and National Development Goals (including SDGs) and works closely with the governments, UN agencies, development partners, civil society organizations, communities and professionals to strengthen peace and sustainable development, by upholding respect for diversity, gender equality and human rights, and helps to build sustainable, inclusive, green, and knowledge society by pursuing its core competencies.  

College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management  

CITHM Student Government – The College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Government (CITHM SG) is the highest self-governing student body of the biggest college in the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila. Guided by a College accredited as the Center of Excellence in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, CITHM SG is committed in training leader’s quality of work, right perspective, and commendable character. In continuous pursuit of student and youth leadership triumph, the organization continues to raise the flag of the industry with honor and excellence.  
LPU Alliance of Cruise Line Students (LACS)
LPU Baristas’ Association – We, the LPU Baristas’ Association is an organization comprised of students whose aim is to recognize the importance of baristas in the coffee industry. Our goal is to train students to become a competitive barista imbued with proper work ethics, creativity, efficiency, respect and professionalism.  
LPU Les Jeunes Chef – Les Jeunes Chefs, a French term which means, “The Junior Chefs”. The name of the Organization shall be “Les Jeunes Chefs” here in after referred to as Les Jeunes. Les Jeunes Chefs exists to broaden and to enhance the talents of the students and prepare them for industry practice, to interact with the culinary and pastry industry through food expos and congress, competitions and fund raisers and lastly, to serve the school community through volunteer service.  
LPU Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) LPU Manila Student Chapter – PATA Philippines LPU-MANILA STUDENT CHAPTER is the the first and only International Organization in the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management. Student chapter are generally designed to benefit student members through locally organized travel and tourism educational programs, community projects, and discussions that deals with tourism affairs or changes within the tourism business environment. We aim to actively support, promote, develop and contribute in PATA’s mission and goals, to foster closer working relationships, cooperation, business and networking opportunities with PATA members, and to act as a voice of PATA in the university to help position, promote and protect Asia Pacific Travel and Tourism via sustainable, economic, cultural and environmental methods. In PATA, we help tourism professionals grow.  
LPU Tourism Students Association (LTSA) – under the supervision and administration of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, aspires to increase learning benefits while formalizing the institution’s core values that’ll define the positive, proactive nature of LPU Tourism students; broaden awareness, knowledge and expertise in propelling tourism sector for integral growth; and lastly is to contrive a breakthrough progression amongst the LPU tourism students and members of the organization in the dispersal of high value of learning and expertise in representing the course by advocating issues with proper legislation for the sustainable development of the tourism industry in the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila.  
Lyceum Hospitality Management Student Association

College of Technology   

COT Student Government – The COT-SG is the supreme student organization of the College of Technology, it promotes the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the college. The power of which emanates from the LYCESGO and Student Body alone, wherein it is the sole, unified, and democratic representative body of the Students. As such, the COT Student Council is tasked to help the college as well as the student’s welfare. It is also to protect and defend the rights of the Students as embodied in the Magna Carta of Students, and the law of the land.  
LPU Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) – The Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) – LPU Manila Chapter is a college based organization of the  
College of Technology, this is an organization of students in the field of information and communications technology. The JPCS aims to provide its members with experiences that complement the knowledge members acquire in their respective schools, thus better preparing each student for his future role as a world class ICT professional.  

Senior High School Organization  

Senior High School 

SHS Lyceum Central Student Government (SHS LYCESGO) – is the highest student organization of senior high school department overseeing the welfare and mandating the concerns of 11th and 12th grade students of LPU Manila.  
The Bearers of Music Club – is the official music club of LPU Manila SHS. Bearers of Music Club promotes appreciation of music as a worthwhile diversion amidst school pressure. It focuses on cultivating the various musical talents and skills of the students of the Senior High School. Students get to participate and perform in Senior High School academic programs and other gatherings of LPU.  
Cerberus Sports Club – The Cerberus Sports Club, with the aim of establishing a physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually democratic representative student and pro-student organization, promote the rights and welfare of the members of the club, safeguard genuine academic freedom and uphold academic excellence; work as catalyst of relevant education, foster relationship among officers, its members, faculty of the department including the administration and other sectors of the university and instill physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually fit habit and lifestyle.  
The Lycean Pioneers (Senior High School Publication) – The Lycean Pioneer established in 2016, serves as the official Senior High Publication of the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila. The ideals and principles of this Publication are grounded in the Lycean way of life: honoring God and Country and its role as campus press.- The League of Outreach Volunteers and Engaged Students (L.O.V.E.S.) Organization was recognized for its drive to promote the social welfare and value the act of volunteerism within the students and the supported communities of the university. Here for, with the support of the Community Outreach and Service Learning (CoSeL) Department, the LPU SHS Department was able to collaborate and engage with the activities that are organized for the academic year.  

Student Publications   

The Lycean Pioneers (Senior High School Publication) – The Lycean Pioneer established in 2016, serves as the official Senior High Publication of the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila. The ideals and principles of this Publication are grounded in the Lycean way of life: honoring God and Country and its role as campus press.