GSC Program Offerings

Master’s Degree Programs

1. Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management: The program prepares students to assume Managerial positions in the school system. The principles and techniques of all aspects of school management in a globalized environment are studied comprehensively.

2. Master of Arts in Education major in Guidance and Counseling: The program presents the principles, tools, and techniques of guidance under varying and changing school environment and clients with the end view of producing counselors who are attuned and sensitive to the needs of students within globalizing and internationalizing environment.

3. Master of Arts in Education with specialization in Indigenous Education: The program is designed to enable students to acquire deeper understanding of indigenous thought, indigenous pedagogy in the teaching- learning environment. Students of this program will be honed in approaches that will strengthen their cultural competence in dealing with indigenous communities and issues that affect the latter’s wellbeing. Indigenous communities will serve as learning arenas with indigenous elders as resource persons from which learning materials will be drawn. Impetus will also be given to the teaching of the mother tongue being a tool for transmitting culture. Students will endeavor to address this growing need to make classroom education more engaging, meaningful and relevant to all learners.

4. Master in Indigenous Studies: The program is centered on the foundations of critical thought on indigenous knowledge, systems and practices and their ramifications. The pursuit of social justice for indigenous communities often times beset by discrimination, aggressive developments that have led to their marginalization find prominence in the program. MIS also focuses strongly on discourses that led to the recolonization of indigenous peoples. Discourses on social inclusivity as an Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) provision will be obtained through mastery of cultural competence drawn from “hands on” participatory research done with indigenous peoples in their own settings.

5. Master of Arts in Foreign Service: The program is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of students intending to work in International Relations, particularly in the areas of government, international organizations, business, and the academe.

6. Master of Arts in Communication: The program will develop students’ professional and intellectual skills to enable them to be appropriately prepared for a career in public relations, corporate communication, the media or consultancy related to the creative industries. Its purpose is also to develop students’ skills and independent learning ability to enable them to extend their personal development.

7. Master in International Hospitality Management: The program provides background every graduate student will need in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. It prepares students to plan, develop, market and manage hospitality sector businesses and interrelated business organizations in local and international arena. It gives students a solid foundation for understanding and managing cultural diversity in the workplace, and underscores the importance of protocol in international interactions.

8. Master in International Tourism Management: The program will train professionals and managers who lead projects in the tourism sector to become more efficient in making decisions within dynamic, global sector and to take advantage of the impact of new technologies.

9. Master in Business Administration (Academic Track): The program is intended for the development of a generalist business manager, with the expertise in the functional areas of Finance, Marketing, Production, and Human Resources.

  • Specialization in:
    • International Trade
    • People Management
    • Quality Management

10. Master in Public Administration (Academic Track): The program presents principles and techniques, personnel administration, and fiscal planning involved in the management of public organizations/agencies are studied and discussed, with emphasis on problem solving towards the provision of quality public service, sensitive expertise, and compassionate corrupt-free leadership in government.

  • Specialization in:
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Quality Management
    • Taxation

11. Master in Customs Administration and Supply Chain: The program aims to qualify individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including Customs and other public sector agencies and businesses involved in cross border trade, to apply advanced knowledge and skills in a range of professional Customs Administration contexts. The program integrates technical skills with specialized customs administration theory and practice, and serves as a pathway to further learning.

12. Master in Information Technology: This course is designed to provide students with appropriate practical understanding, skills and knowledge for managing IT use, change and development. The primary aim is to allow IT professionals the opportunity for professional upgrading or an extension of their qualifications and experience.

Doctoral Degree Programs

In alignment to international accreditation and standards of PhD. programs, effective year 2020 PhD students pursuing their respective program degrees in the graduate school is required during the duration of their academic studies in LPU to publish at least one research paper in either a reputable National or International Research Journal. This is aside from the end of the course research dissertation requirement. The publication shall serve as a prerequisite to be able to take comprehensive examination. This applies to Graduate School doctorate students with ID number of 2020 above.


1. Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management: The program is designed to hone the leader in the study of the science and art of government of nations and their different components: the process and procedures of governance; skills and techniques of research as basis for the formulation and implementation of public policy; and the many other issues arising in public management. Issues peculiar to Philippine Public Policies and Management shall serve as the starting point for student-teacher interactions.

2. Ph.D. in Fiscal Management: The program provides specialized training and preparation for those either are already in government service or are just planning to join. The course program covers, deficit financing, and all other accountabilities and responsibilities related to maximal efficiency and affectivity of the management of public finances for the greater good.

3. Ph.D. in Business Management: The program is to enable working professionals with already an advanced degree to develop themselves in deeper and more concentrated areas of management theory so as to become knowledgeable in the literature and practice of management, to enhance comprehension of human behavior in organizations, to build an understanding of industrial organization and organization theory, to build an understanding of organization strategy and firm performance and develop knowledge and skills in research methodologies.

4. Ph.D. in International Hospitality Management: The program supports students in developing a broad range of professional, technical and transferable skills required by the industry. Students will gain the theoretical background, skills and experiences to become a successful leader in the hospitality industry.

5. Ph.D. in International Tourism Management: The program will help students to understand and critically evaluate ideas at the cutting edge of tourism research alongside research skills that will enable you to predict and evaluate the changing business environment within a tourism context.

6. Ph.D. in English Language: The program designed to provide scholarly and pedagogical training for the merging intellectual leaders and stewards of the English language. In this program, English and non-English language teachers will be carefully trained and mentored in the theories and methods of language teaching and research to develop skills and relevant to their chosen field and specialization and to enable them to undertake a complete research project that will make a sustainable contribution to the field of language.

Program Accreditations

Master in Business Administration

PACUCOA Level III First Reaccredited Status

July 2019-2024

Master in Public Administration

PACUCOA Level III First Reaccredited Status

July 2019-2024