Established in 2009, the Research and Publications Center (RPC) consolidated the research oversight function of the Research Office and the research dissemination activities of the Publications and Events Management Office. RPC this became the lead office in steering LPU’s RESEARCH MISSION, to advance and preserve knowledge by undertaking research and disseminating and utilizing its results. Through its various activities, like training, proposal preparation, manuscript preparation and peer reviews, RPC has generated 122 research projects, involving 96 faculty researchers from AY 2009-2010 to AY 2013-2014. To address the challenge of research utilization in the Knowledge-Based Innovation Economy (KBIE), RPC became a designated Intellectual Property Office – Philippines Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) in 2011, tasked with protecting and commercializing ideas created in the university and the community. In 2016, RPC was renamed Research and Innovation Center (RIC) to recognize the role of the University’s Research and Innovation system in its contribution to economic development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.


By 2020, LPU shall become a leading knowledge center in the Asia Pacific region, a prime mover in the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino, and a seedbed for young, Filipino creative and innovative talent. The LPU research vision is aligned with the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) vision to “effectively work in partnership with higher education stakeholders in building the country’s human capital and innovative capacity towards the development of a Filipino nation as a responsible member of the international community” (CHED Strategic Plan for 2011-2016).


Anchored on CHED’s principles of higher education research and LPU’s educational philosophy, LPU sets the research agenda and supporting initiatives aimed at the production of high quality researches. RIC’s slogan LPU RIDES (Research and Innovation for Development, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability) captures its overarching goal.

Improving LPU’s research capability towards international competitiveness

• Research capability programs
• Establishment of a multi-disciplinary center for Asia-pacific studies in the graduate school

Enhancing LPU research productivity

• Funding institutional and college-based researches
• Providing a system of rewards and incentives for faculty and researchers
• Instituting a mentoring, monitoring, and peer-review system in research activities/output

Generating new knowledge needed for the advancement of disciplines and national development

• Dovetailing research thrusts with R&D initiatives of CHED and other funding sponsors
• International and local networking
• Establishment of a research laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for priority disciplines
• Visiting scholars and research fellowship programs

Promoting and facilitating dissemination and utilization of research outputs

• Supporting dissemination of research output
• Research utilization
• Technology commercialization


The three pillars supporting LPU’s priority research areas/thrusts are: (a) advancement of knowledge in the disciplines, (b) contribution to the development of the Filipino nation as a responsible member of the global community, and (c) contribution to the innovation of LPU’s core processes (instruction, research, and extension), facilitating the delivery of quality, efficient, and effective service (QEES) to its stakeholders.

Crucial to the development of a research and innovation culture is a mentorship system wherein seasoned researchers transfer research knowledge, skills, and attitudes to neophyte researchers through the Institutional Research Program (IRP). IRPs are multi-disciplinary, policy-oriented (developmental and global), network-driven, and novel in combining the analytical tools of quantitative and qualitative researches.

College-based researches advance knowledge in the disciplines. Action researches find innovative ways to deliver QEES to the stakeholders. And, external researches respond to the sponsors’ need to find solutions to societal problems.

The research programs are guided by the LPU values of nationalism, justice, and unity in the face of diversity of local and foreign culture.

Priority Research Thrusts

Disciplinary Research Thrusts (Based on CHED Memorandum Orders)

Institutional Research Programs

• TAYAN (Tanging Yaman Alagaan Natin)
• REASURE (Research for a Sustainable Urban and Renewed Environment)
• IHCURE (Intramuros Heritage Conservation and Urban Renewal)
• Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
• Culture of Research and Innovation
• Global Competitiveness (ASEAN 2015, Philippine World Ranking, etc.)

R&D Initiatives of CHED and other Sponsor Agencies

• CHED Research Thrusts
• Department of Science and Technology
• Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan Development Objectives
• Philippine APEC Study Center Research Thrusts
• ASEAN 2015 Research Directions
• Other funding sponsors


• Research Grants (Deloading plus research costs)
• Research Grant for Graduate Faculty
• Prototype Grant
• Cash Incentives (5-5-5)
• Dissemination Incentive
• International Publication
• Annual Search for Best Research Paper (Student and Faculty)


Research Training

• Basic (Research Methods for Research Teachers; Research Proposal Formulation; Data Analysis, and Report Preparation)
• Advanced (Conversion of Research Reports to Journal Manuscripts; Basics of Journal Publication)
• Action Research (Research Proposal Formulation; Data Analysis, and Report Writing)
• Statistical Package for Social Science

Research Consultancy

• Research Proposal Formulation
• Literature Review Search
• Anti-plagiarism tests
• Research design
• Design of survey instruments
• Statistical tests
• Data processing (faculty researchers and graduate students)
• Dummy tablets and data interpretation
• Manuscript preparation using APA format

ITSO Services

• Library for patent information
• Skills training in patent search
• Patent search, drafting and filing
• IP audit and evaluation
• Licensing support
• IP management and commercialization
• Depository of patent-related documents, papers, and statistics