How to access the myLPU eLearning portal? 

  • You can access the portal thru browsers and mobile phones. 

For Browsers 

  • Go to and login your account or access thru LPU Manila website and click the myLPU eLearning menu under the website quicks links and you will be redirected to the platform. myLPU eLearning is support in different browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.  

For Mobile 

  • You can download the myLPU e-Learning App available in both IOS (Appstore) and Android devices (Google Play).  

        Here is the link for the video tutorial: 

Is there a Mobile App for myLPU? 

  • Yes. myLPU is available for download in both IOS (Appstore) and Android devices (Google Play).  

Installation Guides: 

  • For Android devices:

For IOS devices: 

How to reset my password? 

  • For the reset password guide and tutorial, you may visit the link below. 

Here’s the link: 

What if I forgot my username or password?

  • If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot your username or password?” link. Enter your LPU email (M365) in either Username or Email address field. An email will be sent to your Campus email with instructions on how to get access again. 
  • If you forgot your username, please email ICT department at for assistance.  

Can I send messages thru myLPU e-Learning? 

Yes, you can use the messaging feature in myLPU. Visit the link below on how to utilize this feature. 

Here’s the link : 

I am no longer enrolled in LPU, can I still access my account?  

No. Only officially enrolled for the current can access the myLPU eLearning portal. 

Can I still view and access my courses of the previous semester(s)? (student

No. You can only view the courses for the current semester. 

Who to contact when I cannot view the modules or subjects that I am supposed to take? 

  • If you cannot view or see the module/s that you supposed to take, please send an email to your college and to  Please take note that enrollment of module is done by the instructor.  

For academic and other activity related concerns, such as activity submission, activity closed, activity restrictions, grades, etc. please contact your instructor.  You can find the instructor’s contact details in the Teacher’s Profile and Consultation Hours Section. 

For technical concerns, please email

For complete guides and tutorials, you may access the myLPU guide courses in your myLPU eLearning account. 

  1. For Teachers/Instructors 
  • Login to your myLPU account, click the “My Courses” on upper left corner and select the “myLPU Guide for Teachers” course. 

              Quick link: 

  1. For Students 
  • Login to your myLPU account, click the “My Courses” on upper left corner and select the “myLPU Guide for Students” course. 

Quick link: 

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