Stakeholder Satisfaction in The Philippines Bureau of Customs Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors: Amin, Imran Al-barr L., Datu, Resty John Z., Delfin, Erickho King S., Onal, Eldrick James F., and Roxas, Jeanette

Issue: 2019-2020


The COVID-19 pandemic initiated several challenges to the Bureau of Customs and its stakeholders. To maintain the unhampered flow of imported commodities during a pandemic, the Bureau has imposed distinct responses in the form of administrative proceedings. This study aimed to determine the level of satisfaction of the stakeholders to the responses imposed by the Bureau to the pandemic by gathering pertinent information with the use of a self-structured questionnaire. The researchers have determined that the stakeholders are satisfied with most of the responses imposed but are quite dissatisfied with a handful of responses relating to the shortened period for the lodgement of goods declaration and payment of corresponding duties, taxes, and other charges. Furthermore, the findings of this study indicated that there is a significant relationship and difference among the level of satisfaction of stakeholders when compared with their profile variables. Lastly, the researchers have proposed relevant strategies that may resolve the dissatisfaction of the stakeholders to further strengthen stakeholder relationships.

Keywords: Stakeholders, Covid-19, Pandemic, BOC