“Into the Eyes of Generation Z”: An Assessment of Social Media Influencers vs Celebrity Endorsers as Mediating Element in the Success of Advertising Campaigns: Inputs for Effective Digital Marketing

Authors: Krischelle R. Fabriga, Dwight Nicolas M. Cortez, and Vergel T. Golloso Allan Calderon

Issue: 2021-2022


This study employs a non-experimental descriptive research design with a comparative approach to the assessment of social media influencer and celebrity endorser as an advertising tools used by the companies, brands and business. In the marketing efforts of the companies or brand, there are increasing shift in the method they’ve use in promotional purposes and it is unclear how effective leveraging influencer endorsements versus more conventional celebrity endorsements is. Therefore, the current study examined the effects of celebrity vs. influencer endorsements on achieving the effectiveness, expertise, and popularity of advertising campaign. The results of the analysis being tested showed that that the perception of the respondents toward social media influencers and celebrities in terms of attractiveness and expertise is significantly different, while in terms of popularity is the same. Therefore in all, it added to the value of a successful advertisement, thus marketers must know how to accommodate Generation Z’s needs, wants, and interests in the advertising campaigns for effective Digital Marketing.

Keywords: Celebrity Endorser; Gen Z; Social Media Influencer; Advertisement