Impact of Total Quality Management on Fast-Food Customer Retention and Satisfaction around Metro Manila

Authors: Marvin N. Completo, Louis Joseph P. Halago, Allen Karl R. Sarmiento, Halcon, Neil Angelo

Issue: 2020-2021


Service organizations have adopted total quality management (TQM) throughout the last two decades as an effective management method for improving service quality. It provided consumers with products and services that meet their demands. Customers will always remain the primary priority of every business since the customer is the source of profit. Fast-food serves food that can be prepared and done quickly, maintaining existing customers and regular buyers. Customer satisfaction and retention are essential components to the long-term success of the fast-food chain. The most vital concern of the fast-food industry is providing happiness and loyalty in food and beverage management. This research project aims to identify TQM practices’ impact on customer retention and satisfaction of fast food in Metro Manila. The study seeks to understand the effective management strategies to meet customers’ expectations concerning fast-food restaurants. The findings show that affective commitment in TQM practices positively affects customer retention and satisfaction. Customer contributes to the evolution of management practices and strategies. The results also indicate that improved management affects both fast-food restaurants and customer relations.

Keywords: Total Quality Management (TQM), Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction