Green Packaging for Logistics Providers of Selected E-Commerce Sites as Perceived by Stakeholders in the City of Valenzuela

Authors: Eryel A. Marcelo, Laarnie A. Remandaban, Dave William A. Tan, and Romjohn A. Salido

Issue: 2019


The shift of the world market from traditional commerce to electronic commerce has increased, especially due to COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, consumers and sellers began to utilize the safety and convenience of e- commerce platforms to shop and sell. However, the increase of e-commerce comes with the increase of excessively used, non-biodegradable, and single- use shipping packaging that caused environmental degradation and public health issues. Hence, this research study aimed to analyze the perception of selected e-commerce stakeholders to propose the introduction of green packaging to e-commerce logistic providers. Empirical data were collected from 156 qualified respondents through an online and on-site survey, considering significant factors such as environmental impact, costs, quality, innovation, and availability. The stakeholders provided a more educated perception that reflected in the responses, and it showed enthusiasm, awareness, and willingness to use and support green packaging compared to traditional plastic packaging when utilized by the logistic providers.