Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila

Authors: Alliah Nicole M. Victor, Kurt Patric M. Alonzo, Dennis M. Navarro, and Michael M. Caballero

Issue: 2019


This study examined the factors influencing the entrepreneurial intention of the 232 BSBA students from the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Descriptive-correlational research design was utilized. The theory of planned behavior was applied to examine the BSBA students’ entrepreneurial intentions. The researchers used total population sampling. Business Management majors are the most prevalent group in this study with 53.4% of the total population of BSBA students. While marketing management students (41.4%) were vastly more than operations management students (5.2%). The first hypothesis was accepted. The result indicates that Entrepreneurial Intention (EI) is significant positively associated with Personal Attitude (R-value = 0.755**). This result is consistent with other previous studies, which claimed a significant moderate high positive relationship between personal attitude and entrepreneurial intention. The second null hypothesis was accepted. Subjective Norm (R-value = 0.436**) has significant moderate positive correlation to entrepreneurial. This result seems contrary to previous studies, such as Paiva et al. (2019), Awan and Ahmad (2017), and Al-Mamary et al. (2020), who suggested that subjective norms had no effect on students’ intents in any way. However, some authors claimed that there is a significant effect between subjective norm and entrepreneurial intention (Muhammad et al., 2015 and Saraih et al., 2018). Both determinants have supported the hypotheses H1 and H2. However, in the this hypothesis, entrepreneurial Intention has a negligible relationship with Perceived Behavioral Control (R-value = 0.119), which is not aligned with other authors Almobaireek and Manolava (2012), Ambad and Damit (2016), and Lim et al. (2021), who argued that there is a strong relationship between entrepreneurial intention and perceived behavioral control.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Intention, Personal Attitude, Subjective Norms, Perceived Behavioral Control