Factors Affecting the Filipino Customer’s Loyalty Towards Selected Fast Food Chain in Metro Manila

Authors: Aly Sahar T. Ahmed, Ariana Beatrice C. Bellen, and Allan A. Calderon

Issue: 2020-2021


This study aims to determine the factors affecting the Filipino customer’s loyalty towards the Selected Fast-food chain in a Philippine setting. This is a descriptive quantitative study based on a random sampling technique. A total of 406 Filipino residents of Metro Manila were selected for the study. The survey questionnaire was sent out to residents of Northern Manila and out of them, 29.6% of them are currently residing within Northern Manila. The respondents rated the food quality, service quality and location as Excellent according to the respondents. The overall rating for the respondents resulted as Excellent with 272 or 67.0%. According to the findings, customer satisfaction has been identified as an important influencer on brand loyalty. Customer trust impacted by customer satisfaction which proved that customer satisfaction is an antecedent of customer trust. This study will help the students to provide additional knowledge and awareness towards the relationship of customer loyalty to brand image.

Keywords: Loyalty, Fast-food, Satisfaction