Factors Affecting the Brand Preference of the Consumers in Buying Clothes: The Case of the City of Manila Administration of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila

Authors: Beroy, Trisha May S., Carcedo, Ralph, Tuco, Vincent, and Peñafiel, Sheena Queen

Issue: 2018-2019


This study examines the impact of brand trust, perceived value, and purchase intention on the purchase behavior of consumers purchasing fashion products, as well as the relationship between brand type, brand strength, and the fit between parent and child. The data were collected from four fashion retailing businesses experimentally. The results show that online shopping malls are the favored retailing location for consumers to purchase clothing products, and adolescent-targeted clothing retailers are the preferred retailing locations for consumers. Consumers’ perceptions of value and quality of the product were influenced by gender, and perceived value was positively correlated with perceived value. Moreover, consumers’ perception of value was negatively associated with brand loyalty and happiness. The findings indicate that big data may aid in knowledge co-creation, knowledge sharing, and decision-making styles among internet and offline retailers.

Keywords: Online Shopping, Brand Preference, Brand Loyalty