Factors Affecting Gen Z Online Consumer Behavior in Impulsively Buying Retail Products in Metro Manila: A Correlation Study

Authors: Aquino, Kriska Andrei S., Lledo, Jirah Hope, Rodavia, Rits L., Dotong, Emmanuel J., and Valientes, Hendrix

Issue: 2020-2021


Covid-19 pandemic changed the consumer buying behavior and physical store closures have brought interruption to businesses across the country and the whole world. Therefore, a better understanding of the factors that affect Gen Z online consumer behavior in buying impulsively would help in planning better marketing mix strategies for the businessmen can maintain and increase business success. To ascertain whether there is a significant correlation between the demographic profile and factors influencing Gen Z online consumers’ impulsive buying behavior, Pearson Chi-Square was used. Findings from 400 respondents of Generation Z showed there is no significant relationship in the factors affecting Gen Z consumers in buying impulsively in terms of their gender, age, and location. While in terms of their employment status, there is a significant relationship in the parameters of the product yet there is no significant relationship in the factors in price, place, and promotion.

Key words: Online consumer behavior, Generation Z, Impulsive Buying, Marketing Mix (4ps)