Extrinsic Motivators and its Effect on the Perceived Organizational Support and Job Performance: Basis for a Rewards and Recognition Program

Authors: Barreda, Aldrin M., Reodique, Allyssa Lissete D., Bayan, Mary Lizabeth D., and Ilagan, Joan Camille P.

Issue: 2021


An employee’s job performance alone is critical to an organization’s success in achieving its goals and extrinsic motivation and perceived organizational support has an impact on employees. To help in trying to find the relationship between an employee’s job performance to extrinsic motivators and perceived organizational support, the factors should be considered. To determine the relationship between extrinsic motivators, perceived organizational support and job performance, this study surveyed 385 employees in the corporate industry within Metro Manila, Philippines with the use of google forms. Upon analyzing 385 valid cases with SPSS, the findings revealed that there is a direct positive relationship between extrinsic motivation to perceived organizational support, extrinsic motivation and job performance and job performance and perceived organizational support. Furthermore, the researchers proved the direct relationship between the extrinsic factors to perceived organizational support and job performance. Implications of this study are beneficial for both researchers and practitioners.

Keywords: Extrinsic motivators, job performance, employee motivation, Organizational support, Benefits, Extrinsic factors.