Business Research Methods and Techniques Entitled: The Challenges and Benefits of Digitization in Micro Food Enterprises in the City of Manila 

Authors: Julia T. Pearce, Ma. Genelyn S. Peralta, Querrie A. Sapallo, and Sheena Queen P. Peñafiel

Issue: 2021-2022


The whole world was affected on the unexpected global outbreak. Most businesses are clueless in how they will be able to recover from all the loss. This leads the businesses to declare bankruptcy because they couldn’t though alternative solutions for this dilemma. Research has shown that online business bring slew of changes on how products and services are delivered to those closest to each family’s door. This study aim to assess the digitization on micro food enterprises within Manila City, discuss the benefits, and even the parameters to consider a business to be digitized. An online survey was utilized to emphasize objective measurements and the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data collected from the respondents. The analysis of the responses demonstrated that the digitization of Micro Food Enterprises in the City of Manila can lead to a progressive economic survival during pandemic because online business is now in demand as a replacement for physical operation activities in the food industry.  The results indicate that the businesses that offer foods and beverages are now accessible via online selling because they prove that the digitization has a lot of benefits for the microenterprises that can lead to a high customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Digitized, Economic Survival, Micro Food Enterprises, and Online Selling