Assessment on the Effectiveness of the Different Medium of Internship of Business Administration Students of the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila: Inputs for Effectual Set up

Authors: Dela Cruz, Jemelyn A., Gono, Joanne D., Mendoza, Allyza L., Caballero, Michael M., and Gallardo, Al Jason

Issue: 2020-2021


The research concerns A person’s life stages shift, including from student to professional. A student’s transition to the workplace is difficult (Anjum, 2020). Some students are bewildered, disoriented, and overwhelmed by the working world (Molinsky & Pisman, 2019). Students must evaluate many factors to find an internship that delivers convenient and useful instruction and experience. Students can explore and get work experience through internships. Business students can experience their career interests through part-time/full-time internships, field work, industry-specific internships, and virtual work-from-home internships. Students will learn how to adapt to a new workplace through experiential education, which opens up employment prospects.

Service-learning internships, academic service-learning, community service-learning, cooperative education programs, and instructors’ professional reputation and resources are all part of academic internship programs (Milner, 2013)

The abrupt closing of the nation’s schools has shown teachers’ true value and the work they perform every day for other people’s children. Despite limited resources and widespread scorn, many teachers have found ways to do amazing things for and with children, families, and communities. Indeed, COVID-19 may deepen teachers’ professional marginalization of over a decade. Teacher training is under flux. Instead of reinforcing teacher and profession expectations, this might be an opportunity to establish a new route. Now is the time to reflect on how rising demands have failed to match teachers’ humanity. Fieldwork.

Offering diverse internship program mediums is the greatest way to keep up with the country’s current condition and provide successful internship programs for students as internships become more important in higher education. This study examines Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila business administration students’ internship options. The researchers want to explore what makes an internship successful so students may have a meaningful experience and a good work environment, which will help them improve professionally and personally.