Analyzing the Consumer Preferences of Multi-Generational Market Segments in Using Mobile App Food Delivery Services

Authors: Shainadene  Agregado, Graciel De Pedro, Mikkaella Tiro, Emmanuel Dotong, and Al Jason Gallardo

Issue: 2020-2021


Mobile food delivery applications are one of the most popular platforms by consumers when it comes to purchasing food around the world due to the speed, accessibility, reliability, and convenience it provides to numerous customers. Along this ground are various mobile food delivery applications with multiple functions, and many consumers have their own preferred mobile applications based on how these applications are most convenient in terms of their features to their user experience. Companies are taking this advantage in improving their application features. This study examines and measures the preferred mobile delivery application features of consumers based on how they find it convenient upon using the applications. The study’s findings based on respondents’ preferences for the diverse components of the applications in the evaluation were analyzed using Cronbach’s Alpha, a statistical formula for measuring reliability and consistency. According to the results, customers’ preferences in choosing their mobile food delivery apps indicate their overall satisfaction with the application in terms of responsiveness, reliability, accessibility, and affordability. Because of these characteristics, customers are more likely to opt for the mobile delivery apps that best suit their needs. Hence, it’s clear that the quality of the user’s interaction with the application is essential.