Analyzing Lean Management Practices Among Milk Tea Business Owners in the City of Manila: A Survey Towards Business Resiliency

Authors: Annlee M. Catalon, John Mark B. Dayandayan, Winrich A. San Luis, and Michael M. Caballero

Issue: 2019-2020


Milk tea is one of the most widely consumed and most popular beverages that we have today. Because of this, Filipinos have also started to patronage them, and a typical Filipino consumes an average of five cups of milk tea every month. In fact, Filipinos are the second largest consumer of milk tea in Southeast Asia (Grab Food, 2019). This paper involved 115 milk tea businesses as its sole respondents and data about lean management practices were gathered through an online survey form and involved a non-experimental descriptive research design using a comparative approach. Findings of this study yielded that majority of the milk businesses in the city of Manila have frequently lean management practices based on the lean management principles, flow, and perfection. The dependent variable: flow had a significant difference in the form of business, business location, years of business operation initial capital and number of business’ workforce. Moreover, the lean management practices that were based on the dependent variable; perfection had a significant difference with the business location, years of business operation, initial capital, and number of business’ workforce. The researchers can conclude that each business has its own perspectives and strategies whether to increase sales or just to remain in operation or on how they would survive the business in the time of pandemic but through the practice of lean management based on flow and perfection, it can survive challenges and remain resilient despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Keywords: Milk Tea, lean management, Businesses