Issue: 2023-2024


Universities are the main place for talent cultivation, and undertaking the important mission of cultivating various talents for society. College teachers are the main force in the education work of colleges and the core factor determining the quality of talent cultivation. The performance of teachers is the main result of their educational work and the direct output of their educational activities. Good performance of those teachers not only means their high teaching level, but also means their strong ability to cultivate students and great value in serving society. In the process of teaching, performance management and evaluation systems serve as a baton and vane, not only affecting teachers’ work behavior and results, but also affecting their work enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity. Performance management, as an effective management method, has been proven in various industries and has been well applied in the field of education. The use of performance management theories and methods to manage university teachers can effectively improve their work outcomes and abilities. In the practical application of teacher performance management in China, some management details and processes in universities can lead to execution problems, and even affect the enthusiasm of teachers in their work. Especially in some private universities, this situation is more common. Solving this problem can effectively enhance teachers’ subjective initiative, better guide them to focus on key tasks and improve work performance. It can also better improve the teaching level of teachers and promote the further development of the education industry, which has very important value. This article takes a representative university as a case study to understand and analyze the system, process, operational details, and teacher satisfaction of teacher performance management. Through statistical analysis of the research results, combined with performance management theory, the evaluation and problem analysis of teacher performance management operations in the case university are conducted. On this basis, targeted improvement suggestions are proposed to optimize its performance management system. By rebuilding the performance management system, standardizing the content of performance indicators, adjusting the main subject of performance evaluation, improving the base of Performance-related pay and other adjustments, the case university can help improve the scientific, convenience and effectiveness of its teacher performance management system. And through the research of case universities, provide reference for similar universities in teacher performance management work. Due to the representativeness of case universities and the timeliness of adjustments, it would be better to provide feedback and reference after the new system has been running for a period of time.

Keyword: Teachers’ Performance Management System, Chinese Private Colleges