iVacTrack: A Web- based Scheduling System for Covid-19 Vaccination Sites with Patient Tracking Through Geo mapping

Authors: Wilbert Webb R. Cortez, Paolo M. Noblado, Martee Piolo C. Sanguer, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2023


The research paper presents a web-based scheduling system called iVacTrack for COVID-19 vaccination sites. The system aims to efficiently schedule patient appointments for their 1st and 2nd vaccine doses and booster shots. It also monitors each scheduled person and allows tracking their location through geo-mapping. The system has two main modules – one for administrators/staff and one for patients/individuals. The admin module allows managing patient records, vaccination sites, available vaccines, and verifying appointment codes. The patient module enables scheduling appointments, viewing records, and updating personal photo. The geo-mapping feature allows staff to locate patients using their provided address. This helps monitor if a scheduled patient shows up for their appointment. Patient addresses are stored privately and only accessible by admins. The system uses PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. Its interface is designed to be user-friendly for non-tech savvy users. It is mobile responsive to optimize for access via different device sizes. The iVacTrack aims to improve vaccine scheduling and patient monitoring compared to traditional manual booking systems. Its features intend to increase efficiency, tracking, and data security around the vaccination process.