An Integrated Web-Based E-Voting System with E-Mail Notification and Real-Time Visualization

Authors: Daryll Jade A. Bañoza, Leo Martin S. Driz, Cyron Emmanuel R. Cuneta, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2023


This paper presents an integrated web-based e-voting system with email notification and real-time data visualization. The goal is to provide a faster, more secure online voting platform compared to traditional paper-based voting. Key objectives include ensuring voter data security, transparency through visualized results, and email confirmations to improve trust.

The system allows administrator management of voter/candidate registration. Voters can cast ballots online, then receive email notifications about their vote being counted. Live data visualizations present vote tallies for each candidate. These features aim to increase process efficiency, security, and user trust compared to manual approaches. Testing employed quantitative surveys assessing functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability. Results showed positive ratings on functionality and usability in particular. The overall system was rated “Very Good,” indicating it successfully met core voting system requirements.

The proposed online voting system delivered improvements in areas like speed, data security, transparency, and cost-savings versus offline methods. Adoption at institutional levels could enhance voter participation and trust. Limitations around hacking risks, identity verification, and setup/maintenance costs would need addressing for larger-scale implementations. Further testing on these aspects is recommended to make such e-voting systems robust for even public elections.