Student Referral Guidelines

The Counseling and Testing Center assists professors, parents and other concerned stakeholders in referring any student who might have mental health concerns.  

When to REFER

R – Risky Behavior (self-harming behavior, suicidal or homicidal ideation)

E – Emotional Distress (with signs of physical deterioration, lack of focus and motivation, panic attacks) 

F – Failing Academic Performance (grades suddenly drops or inconsistent mental ability) 

E – Exclusion (signs of isolation, difficulty adjusting with current situation)

R – Recurring Mental Health Conditions (reoccurring symptoms from a previously diagnosed mental health disorder) 

Referral is one of the guidance services where learners are facilitated to avail other assistance or services that address their mental health or other concerns. This requires a wide range of internal partners (i.e. counselors, teachers, nurses, and school administrators), external partners (i.e. government, nongovernment agencies, organizations), and individuals in different professions, fields, and interest. (Llego, n.d.)