Support for Special Populations

  1. Support for students whose parents are OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) and single parents – ANAK OFWs 

The Counseling and Testing Center during the 2019 Month-Long Mental Health Month celebration with the theme “STEREO: The Sound of Heart and Mind” launched a back-to-back event for ANAK-OFWs for both College and Senior High School Levels. The seminars, “Dynamics of Attraction: How Men/Women Become Attracted” and “Family Dynamics: How Your Current Family Affects Your Future Love Life” were held at the JPL Hall of Freedom last October 3, 2019The speaker is a relationship-coach and counselor, Ms. Aileen Santos, RGC (Registered Guidance Counselor). 

The annual celebration of the Mental Health Month in LPU Manila started in 2017 as a way of increasing awareness on mental health issues, lessening stigma on mental health as well as encouraging self-seeking behaviors. One of the special groups in the University is Anak OFWs. About 30% of the student population are students whose parents are working abroad and some are single parents. These students manifested difficulties especially in their relationships with their family members, friends and other significant others based on an action research done for them in 2017 by the Counseling and Testing Center. These difficulties somehow affect their academic performance, personal-social interactions as well as career decisions. This is the reason why we focused on helping students develop relationship skills that can help them manage their lives. As a results, self-seeking behaviors increase and many of them sought counseling services.     

The speaker, Ms. Aileen Santos, together with the Guidance Director, Ms. Carolyn Quiba, RGC and the counselors and psychometricians of LPU Counseling and Testing Center posed for a picture after the launching activity for the 2019 Mental Health Month. Photo by Andrea LontajO 

The LPU Psychology Society with the speaker Ms. Aileen Santos and the LPU Counseling and Testing Center in JPL Hall of Freedom after the talk with SHS and College students. 

  1. Peer Facilitators Program  

This program aims to tap into the constant presence of the students to their peers by training them to become peer facilitators. Peer Facilitators may provide basic help to their peers and fellow students who need timely moral support, and eventually refer them to CTC. The event entitled, “PEERata: Laying the Foundation for Healthy Helping Relationships” was held last October 8, 2019 (AM) at the LPU Mini Theater.  

Filipinos are naturally empathic and sensitive to the needs of others. In LPU, there are students who are very helpful and are easily affected by the problems of their classmates and friends. This is the program designed for students who are willing to be trained with basic helping skills as well as strategies on self-care. They are taught how to spot possible symptoms of mental health conditions especially on its early stages, the importance of prevention, as well as how to take care of themselves when helping others. The event was also attended by peer facilitators and their advisers from different universities like Far Eastern University, Saint Paul University, Colegio San Juan De Letran, University of the East-Manila and Caloocan, and LPU Psychology Society.  

The LPU Counseling and Testing Center’s director, counselors and psychometricians pose for a photo together with the speaker Mr. Russel Jhon Batoy, who talked about helping relationships grounded on his experience from being the FEU Peers president and Peer National.  

Photos taken by Joshua Carlos and Nathaniel Musngi 

Different universities attended the activity accompanied by their peer coordinators (FEU, UE-Caloocan, UE-Manila, SPU, CSB, CSJL, and LPU). LPU Psychology Society was also very active and assisted in the registration. Students from CITHM were the masters of ceremony for the activity. 

Special Training: 

Peer Facilitators and LPU Psychology Society were also trained in Mental Health Facilitation (MHF) in Feb 17 and March 3, 2020. Mental Health Facilitation (MHF) ASAP program trains people outside the field of mental health in basic helping and referral skills to increase service capacity for meeting global mental health needs. This is brought about by LPU’s partnership with the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) based in North Carolina, USA and Association for Psychological and Educational Counselors of Asia-Pacific (APECA)-ECPA Philippines.  

In coordination with LPU Human Resource Department’s Workplace and Learning Development, CTC also conducted MHF training to employees and professors last October 20-23, 2020 via zoom. 

Another training was conducted in coordination with the Peer Organization of the Philippines (POP) with peer facilitators of LPU Manila and Cavite and other Universities with their peer advisers last November 25-27, 2020 via zoom. 

  1. Support for Gender Development  

LPUCTC also supports special needs of LGBTQ+ students. A seminar entitled Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify Education (SOGIE)” was help last October 8, 2019 (PM) at the LPU Mini Theater. This program aims to gender issues as well as a venue to hear student concerns. This is also a way to make students feel that they are special and that they can seek support especially with regards to their wellness. 

The LPU Counseling and Testing Center and LYCESGO joins the speaker, Ms. Ann Joizelle de Guzman-Enverso, after awarding the certificates. 

Photos taken by Nathaniel Musngi and Joshua Carlos. 

The participants and organizers of the activity pose for a photo after awarding the certificates. 

  1. Support for Academic Scholars  

A seminar entitled “The Tale of Two Brains: Understanding Male/Female Psychology” was held last October 10, 2019 (AM) at the LPU Mini Theater. This is intended to reach out to scholars and invite them to seek counseling service especially when they are stressed out. The event was part of the general assembly of LPU Scholastic Society. LPUCTC supports the organization in reviving their officers, supporting mental health needs as well as in financial assistance. Last September 2020, the Support-A-Lycean (SAL) Financial Aid was launch by the Communication and Public Affairs Department with Scholarship Committee. LPUCTC helps in the screening as well as other procedural needs of the program.   

The LPU Manila Scholastic Society pose for a photo with the Guidance Director, the CTC personnel, and the LPU scholars in the audience.  

  1. Support for LPU Pirates (Student-Athletes) 

LPUCTC also supports the special needs of student athletes / LPU Pirates. A focus group discussion entitled, “REALationship 101: The Realities of Teenage Infatuation and Intimacy Today” was held last October 10, 2019 (PM) at LPU Mini Theater. In coordination with their coaches, LPU also launches ALAP or Athletes Learning Assistance Program were CTC along with their coaches check on their attendance to classes as well as their academic performance.   

The LPU Manila Counseling and Testing Center, the athlete mentors and the student athletes took a picture after the mentoring activity tackling realities of infatuation and intimacy. Photo taken by Rogelio Custodio.