LPU College of Technology and The BLOKC: MOA Signing Collaboration

LPU College of Technology and The BLOKC are set to integrate blockchain education, solidifying their position as leading institutions for technology education. In 2018, LPU-COT pioneered the offering of a blockchain elective course in partnership with NEM Philippines, Inc., whose key leaders now lead The BLOKC.

Through this partnership, LPU-COT aims to develop graduates and gain recognition for their contributions to research, innovation, and community outreach. Dr. Arlene Caballero, Dean of LPU-COT, expressed excitement about enhancing students’ knowledge of blockchain and digital currency.

Shared Vision and Mission

Dr. Earl Albina, Department Chair of Computer Science and BS Esports at LPU-COT, emphasized the shared vision and mission. The university and The BLOKC recognize the significance of blockchain technology and its real-world applications.

Collaboration with The BLOKC will promote standardization, bridge the gap between industry and academia, stimulate collaboration, and accelerate adoption.

Furthermore, LPU Manila, College of Technology, plans to integrate blockchain technology into their Computer Science and Information Technology curricula, faculty development programs, and student development programs. The goal is to ensure that faculty and students are certified in blockchain technology.

Partnership Initiatives

LPU College of Technology and The BLOKC have partnered to foster a comprehensive approach to blockchain education. The collaboration will offer student internships and faculty development programs, bridging the gap between academia and practical experience.

The BLOKC will provide a wide range of activities including hackathons, bootcamps, R&D, educational tours, community projects, seminars, training, recruitment, labs, curriculum development, certifications, and collaborations. These initiatives aim to combine academic knowledge with real-world applications and industry engagement, equipping students for success in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry.

The BLOKC as appointed was LPU-COT’s Industry Advisory Board. This collaboration will enable industry leaders to discuss trends and enhance the college’s curriculum. Additionally, LPU’s SHL-ARC served as the venue partner for The BLOKC’s UNBLOKC 2023 Live Pitching event.

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