Acer Academy Student Bootcamp 2020

The Acer Academy is on the hunt for its student ambassador in the Philippines!

The ideal Acer Academy Student Ambassador possesses excellent communication skills, the willingness to share knowledge and empower others, the eagerness to learn and adapt new methods, and the heart towards technological advancement. S/He is a future shaper.

To find this student ambassador, Acer Academy initiated their very first Student Bootcamp where hundreds of Acer Academy accredited applicants of the country go through a rigorous selection process until ten students remain to vie for the Top Student Award – making him/her the Acer Academy Student Ambassador.

After the selection process, Mr. Althani Miguel G. Leonida, a junior college student taking BS Computer Science, successfully qualified for the Top 10, securing a spot on the series of workshops and training provided by the camp mentors.

The Acer Academy Student Bootcamp 2020 is a three-day digital summit that starts from November 26, 2020, to November 28, 2020, hosted through Microsoft Teams.

To God be the Glory!