Issue: 2021-2022


In March, 2020, the world experienced a new and devastating pandemic known as Covid-19. Due to the deadly effects of this virus, everybody in the whole world had to make a drastic change in their lifestyle. People had to get used to the fact that they cannot just go on vacation anywhere in the world whenever they feel like it. Thus, the hotel industry was one of the most affected. They not only faced the loss of their regular clientele but also the reduction in the number of new guests.

Now that the whole world is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic, hotels have to go the extra mile to attract old and new customers alike. This paper aims to show the importance of marketing in this endeavor and the strategies that hotels are employing in order to attract new clients. Specifically, it suggests to integrate the local traditions in creating their hotel décor and serving local food in their restaurant. It also gives suggestions on how to incorporate health and safety protocols in their everyday operations in order to retain their current guests, encourage the return of old clients and attract new customers to try their hotel.

Keywords: Market recovery, boutique hotel industry, post pandemic