Issue: 2023-2024


n recent years, with the change of business environment and competition, innovation culture, as a new type of corporate culture, has gradually received the attention of enterprises. Especially in the context of establishing an innovative country in China, the construction and management of innovation culture has received unprecedented attention, and academics are gradually paying attention to the research on innovation culture. However, few studies have been conducted on the relationship between innovation culture and corporate performance, and even fewer studies have been conducted in the Chinese context. In practice, due to the lack of clear theoretical guidance, how to establish innovation culture and how to improve corporate performance through innovation culture has become vague and difficult to operate, resulting in many problems in the construction of innovation culture and limiting its greater role in corporate management. Based on this, this paper is dedicated to reveal the mechanism of corporate innovation culture influencing corporate performance, and to provide a basis for companies to improve their own performance from the aspect of innovation culture construction.

This paper first collates and analyzes the studies related to innovation culture, and then takes the components of innovation culture as the starting point, focusing on the four elements of Organizational Learning, Creativity and Empowerment, Value Orientation, Market Orientation and the relationship between them and corporate performance was investigated by questionnaire and correlation analysis, and the research hypothesis was proposed accordingly. After the questionnaire survey of 19 technology companies, analysis was conducted using AMOS 7.0 software, and the path of the hypothesized model was tested and revised. The results show that innovation culture has a significant impact on firm performance through Organizational Learning, Creativity and Empowerment, Value Orientation, and Market Orientation, and innovation culture has a significant impact on firm performance through technological innovation in organizational innovation This paper is based on the findings of the study and proposes countermeasures to improve corporate performance by creating an innovation management culture. 76

In conclusion, innovation performance is crucial to enterprises, and enterprises should have taken into account the influence and relationship of Organizational Learning, Creativity and Empowerment, Value Orientation, and Market Orientation when making decisions, and focus on the policies from the grassroots, middle, and top levels to develop a culture of innovation. It is important for the sustainable development of the enterprise to make the innovation strategy that matches with each level, and to allocate the innovation resources of the enterprise reasonably among various innovation agents to ensure its competitive advantage. Enterprises need to develop a high organizational learning capability, establish a positive corporate culture and create a positive learning atmosphere; organizational managers should learn to appropriately delegate authority to subordinates, recognize and reward innovative behaviors in a timely manner, and establish smooth horizontal and vertical communication channels; deal with the relationship between enterprises and internal employees, external competitors and consumers, and incorporate consumer values into the enterprise value system; streamline the organizational structure of enterprises The relationship between internal and external corporate culture should be handled to enhance organizational performance, increase internal information sharing channels and optimize internal decision-making procedures and methods; improve the management system of its own innovation culture and focus on innovation sustainability, and finally form a good interactive cycle.

Keywords: Innovation Culture, Organizational Learning, Creativity and Empowerment, Value Orientation, Market Orientation, Innovation Management Culture