Issue: 2023-2024


The business administration mode of enterprises will directly affect the development of enterprises. Whether the business management can be effectively carried out also directly influences the quality and efficiency of the enterprises’ internal work and determines their development trend in the future. Therefore, senior management personnel of enterprises must combine with the current economic structure transformation and development situation under the current era and innovate and improve the innovation and business strategy. In terms of the transformation and development of the current economic structure, enterprises need to create a new, comprehensive innovation and business strategy when carrying out various business management, such as Project management, marketing management, financial management, and other aspects. By introducing new era management ideas and measures, enterprises are more likely to acquire good social competitiveness in the transformation of economic structure and then maintain long-term and stable development. This study analyzed the China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd (CFLD) as the research subject. First, the current business strategy of CFLD was analyzed comprehensively. Second, assessed the innovation activities of CFLD. Third, analyzed the gaps in the business strategy and innovation activities of CFLD. Lastly, recommend ways or measures to enhance the innovation and business strategy of CFLD. This research used mixed research method using survey questionnaire on the management mode of the company and will also conduct an interview with the management personal and employees. The research will also conduct a direct observation in the company’s operations.

CFLD has a five-year long-term business monitoring plan, focusing on financial indicators like gross, sales, income, and customer satisfaction. The company prioritizes maintaining current offerings and improving organizational and management practices. CFLD adapts business procedures to meet individual client needs, adopts cost-cutting measures, and offers higher-quality goods and services. The company utilizes advanced technologies, but not biotechnologies or nanotechnology. CFLD implements process innovation to improve production, logistics, delivery, maintenance, and operations systems. The company promotes employees based on effort and ability and uses software to monitor project progress. Despite facing internal financing obstacles and a lack of innovation skills, CFLD can benefit from China’s urbanization growth, government subsidies, and technology advancements.

Keywords: strategic plan, land management industry, economic financial analysis