The Value of Pull Factor Motivations in Domestic Leisure Travel to Recoup Tourism Industry

Authors: Jessa R. Flores, Kayte Gabrielle L. Marasigan, Janna M. Porazo, Divina Marie M. Villadiego, and Rosan Olalia

Issue: 2021-2022


One of the sectors mainly affected by the pandemic is the tourism industry. The unforeseen event caused devastating impacts that led to the collapse of the economy, job losses, and changes in tourism demand. Hence, this study aimed to investigate the pull factor motivations in domestic leisure travel and its significance in tourism recovery. This study also sought possible mitigation techniques, as well as strategies to boost job development and tourism product innovation. Purposive sampling technique was applied in the study. A total of 281 tourists were given survey questionnaires from April 20 to May 10, 2022 via Google Forms, but only 232 responses were valid and accepted. Frequency distribution, weighted mean, and standard deviation were used for the descriptive statistics of the study while One-Way ANOVA and Pearson R were the statistical treatments utilized for the inferential statistics. The findings revealed a high positive correlation between the two variables. Tourists, according to the results of Descriptive analysis, consider the aspects that are favorable with their personal and travel preferences. Even though there is no significant difference when the variables are grouped according to the demographic profile of the respondents, they can still have a considerable influence on each other, either positively or negatively. Understanding the pull factor reasons can thus assist decision-makers in devising a strategy and developing a better plan to mitigate the effects of unprecedented occurrences on the tourism business, improve tourism products and services, and expand job prospects.

Keywords: Pull Factors, Domestic Leisure Travel, Tourism Recovery