The Role of Online Food Deliveries Mobile Application Towards the Design of Customer Assessment Scorecard

Authors: Briones, Mel Christian, Evasco, Daniella Santiago, John Vicent, Tejada, Krizia, and Dr. Diosdado Cabiling Jr.


The study aimed to define the role and the significant differences of online food delivery mobile applications before and during the pandemic. This study used Cluster sampling to gather information from LPU Manila students with a total of 370 respondents. Results were treated using frequency, percent, age, median, and Wilcoxon signed-rank test. The findings reveal that two factors cause the significant difference regarding the role of mobile application before and during the pandemic as perceived by the participants, and those are the availability and accuracy for the updates of order tracking; not having to stop on whatever the participants are doing just to order food. In conclusion, Online Food Delivery Mobile Application different literature was examined focused mainly on its accessibility, convenience, efficiency, and growth in this time of pandemic and its differences before the Covid 19 crisis in the context of the research task. Students of Lyceum of the Philippines Manila were faster to detect the incremental increase of usage of Online Food Mobile Applications during this pandemic because of having easy access to get their necessities, especially food from different establishments or restaurants. However, respondents have experienced da delays in the delivery of their items due to a high volume of orders with less delivery manpower. Together, this research suggests enhancing the Online Food Delivery Mobile application by the creation of Centralize Application where there is a selection of applications that will suit their needs and time requirement.

Keywords: Role of online food delivery, Mobile application, Customer Assessment scorecard