The Impact of Fast-Food Advertising on the Buying and Selection Behavior of Hospitality and Tourism Students: A Correlation Study

Authors: Berlyn Rose Bernal, Czarelle Alliah Blanco, Disc John Dela Rosa, and Jann Miles Rayven Servilla, Dr. Diosdado Cabilig Jr., and Fred Almazan

Issue: 2021-2022


Food advertising has been proven to have a greater effect on food choices, food patterns, and consumption patterns. With the growing popularity of social media, it has become easier for the owner of a fast-food restaurant to advertise their business. This study aims to determine the impact of fast-food advertisements on the behavior and perceptions of Hospitality and Tourism Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. It also seeks to understand how fast-food advertising influences the purchasing and selection behavior, as well as the perceptions of customers, particularly students. Lastly, it seeks to identify the issues and concerns caused by fast-food advertising. A total of 250 CITHM students responded to the survey that was conducted online. It revealed that there is a significant relationship between the exposure of students to fast-food advertisements to their buying behavior and selection behavior. Exposure to promotional advertisements influenced their purchasing decisions at fast-food restaurants. Subsequently, the respondent’s selection behavior has a positive medium, and significant relationship with fast-food advertisement exposure.

Keywords: Fast-Food Advertisement, Buying Behavior, Selection Behavior, Consumption Patterns, and Significant relationship