The Causes and Issues of Grab Online Booking: A Development of Grab Assistance Scheme

Authors: Mekayla Altea P. Bernardino, Ma. Nicole I. Lorezca, Karl Vincent P. Magnaye, Casey Jarah L. Punzalan, Diosdado Cabiling Jr., and Marygrace Musngi

Issue: 2021-2022


This study was conducted to assess the causes and issues of Grab Fake Booking within Metro Manila. This study involves the Risk Perception, Self-Efficacy Belief and Response Efficacy Belief of Grab Food Riders who experienced fake booking. The researchers used a descriptive research design to be able to completely detail the experiences of the Grab Food Riders. A total number of one hundred and thirty (130) riders were the respondents of the study. Cronbach’s Alpha was used for the reliability test and the statistical tool that was used in order to get the results are Frequency, Percentage, Ranking, Mode and Median, Likert, and Kruskal Wallis Test (H). The researchers also used Google forms to gather data from the respondents. Based on the results of the study, majority of the Grab Food Riders experienced being scammed and victimized of fake booking. The researchers concluded that fake booking is rampant in Metro Manila with very alarming increasing numbers The said Grab Food riders are affected by these problems financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Hence, an effective Grab assistance scheme was developed to help prevent and avoid fake booking from happening.

Keywords: Causes and Issues, Grab Online Booking, Grab Assistance Scheme, Food delivery application