Service Quality Dimensions of the Modified Management of McDonald’s University-Belt Customer Satisfaction: A Quantitative Analysis

Authors: Klarenz C. Gaddi. Trixie Mae R. Galang, Mae Patricia M. Naga, Ivan Lenard F. Recto and Dr. Diosdado Cabiling

Issue: 2020-2021


In the business world, it is important to assess and evaluate the quality of service that a specific business offers to its customers. From a commercial perspective, service quality is an indicator of excellent customer service. This research explored customers’ satisfaction through five service quality dimensions of the modified management of McDonald’s U-Belt (P. Campa) branch. A survey questionnaire was used to gather the necessary data to determine the connection between two categories of variables – service quality dimension variables and customer satisfaction. The results showed that the customers were satisfied given the high and favorable answers on the five dimensions. Furthermore, the expectations of the customers were high in terms of the five service quality dimensions, however, for the observations, the results vary from agree to strongly agree. Recommendations are provided on how the management may utilize the data to improve the quality of service they provide.

Keywords: Service quality dimensions; customers’ satisfaction; quality of services; quality of modified management