Profile of the Elderly as a Niche Market for Local Food Industry

Authors: Mary Collene Baybay, Kenisha Miyoko Hernandez, Kennice Shayndel Hernandez, and Stephany Grace Ortiz

Issue: 2020-2021


 Measuring the various aspects that may influence the Elderly as a niche market for the local food industry. The researchers aim to aim to determine the factors that affect the food consumption of the elderly in terms of physiological factor, psychological factor, and belief system about food. The paper also aims to determine the food preference of the elderly in terms of meat, fruits, vegetables, snacks, processed food, comfort foods, and beverages. In addition, the study ought to determine the consumer behavior of the elderly. The respondents are elderly people aged 60 years old above and living in National Capital Region of the Philippines. The researchers used survey questionnaire to gather data. Results were treated using frequency distribution/percentage, weighted mean, analysis of variance, and independent t-test. Furthermore, the recommendations made by researchers includes the recommendation for the elderly that they should recognize themselves as a niche market for the local food business. Restaurateurs and other food retail business should identify elderly to be their target market. Culinary Art Teachers should incorporate the findings of this study for the students to be more aware of the food preference of the elderly. Department of Health should create more programs for seniors that is related to food and their eating habits as it is a great help to improve the elderly’s health status. The researchers’ recommendation to future researchers is to not only focus on the given factors but should have a broader perspective to understand more what elderly prefers.

KEYWORDS: Hospitality, management, factors, descriptive, Philippines