Philippine Travel Documentaries: Its Impact in Promoting Tourist Attractions in Manila towards Viewer’s Travel Decision

Authors: Janna Mari Baldoza, Jeremae Flores, Eiko Joy Verzosa, Carlo Lean F. Viacrucis and Rovena Dellova

Issue: 2021-2022


A documentary is simply a video that conceptualizes and explains anything using just facts and accurate information. The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of a Philippine travel documentary on promoting tourist attractions in Manila and influencing viewers’ travel decisions. The study also examines the different travel decisions of viewers. That is why the researchers were urged to create such an original research title. Because local studies on travel documentaries are scarce, the researchers hoped that this would assist future researchers construct complex titles in line with travel documentaries, shed light on fresh data, and even aid in real-life challenges that individuals may face. The researchers administered an online survey to 385 Region IV-A CALABARZON residents who are watching travel documentaries to determine the impact of travel documentaries and its factors that are anchored with the Theory of Resonance. In addition, it also aims to identify the importance of travel documentaries in promoting Manila’s tourist attractions. The findings of the study generally confirm the notion that travel documentaries have a strong impact on viewers’ perceptions of local destinations in a variety of ways. The results also show that the contents, features and entertainment aspect of a travel documentary has a strong impact when planning to visit an attraction in Manila while escapism is not as impactful. Progressing towards the end, travel documentaries are indeed a helpful tool in promoting tourist attractions in Manila towards the decision making of its viewers.

Keywords: Philippine Travel Documentary, Tourist Attractions, Promotion, Travel Decision, Tourism Industry