Perceptions on Career Readiness of 4th Year CITHM Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila

Authors: Chelsea Denise Araojo, Hiromi Anne Domingo, Jomilla enio, Mariella Mae Anne M. Sakay, Claire Vargas, Jonna Faye Vilog and Jannin S. Arnaldo

Issue: 2020-2021


Introduction: The study determines is to assess how prepared graduating students are for the workplace based on their perceptions of career readiness as 4th-year CITHM students at LPU – Manila. The goal of career readiness is to give students with the knowledge they will need to succeed on the job. The objective of this research is to develop definitions and related skills for the purpose of establishing a framework of thinking and a common vocabulary in order to discuss professional capabilities across industries and education. The purpose of career preparation is to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed on the job. Career preparation skills may be used in any career, at any level, in any sector. Career preparedness principles are implemented from the start of a student’s career.

Keywords: Perceptions of Career Readiness, Skills, Student’s Career