Perceived Tourism Impacts in Community Conservation, Livelihood, and Resilience of Antipolo, Rizal

Authors: Wynonna Jane KU, Ysabel LUMADAY, Carla Ysabel ROBERTO, Rylyn Isabel VILLANUEVA, Niccole Ashley YANGCO, Jannin CALANG and Lady PURGANAN

Issue: 2022-2023


Tourism has positive and negative impacts that residents of host communities feel and experience. This descriptive study aims to determine the perceived tourism impacts of the residents in the community of Antipolo, Rizal, in terms of conservation, livelihood, and resilience, as well as its difference based on the respondent’s sex, age, employment status, and number of years as a resident. The researchers distributed a 5-point Likert Scale questionnaire and used accidental sampling to gather 138 random residents of the four selected barangays in Antipolo. Results show that most of the respondents were female, aged between 20-29 years old, were full-time employees, and residents for more than 20 years. It was found that the respondents perceived tourism impacts in the community of Antipolo in terms of livelihood and resilience as positive, while moderately positive on conservation; there is no significant difference between the perceived tourism impacts across each demographic profile; recommendations were proposed.

Keywords: Perceived Tourism Impacts; Local Community; Conservation; Livelihood; Resilience.