Optimizing Contact Less Service Experience on Selected Hotels in Pasay City Through Digital and Data Driven Technology Adoption

Authors: Liwanag Angel, Mendoza Paulo, Denielle Murias, Jofferson Regala, Pamela, Rey Axiz Dominique and Mr. Rosan Olalia

Issue: 2020-2021


Contact less service technologies have been widely used nowadays due to their contribution to guests. With that, the researchers aimed to assess guests’ level of importance to enhance hotel services and level of adoption into certain hotel contact less technologies on selected hotels of Pasay City. The researchers also determined the correlation between these variables and their significant differences to the demographic profile of hotel guests. To achieve that, the researchers utilized an online survey through Google Forms, wherein 335 out of 352 hotel guests responded. Several statistical data treatments were used to get the result, and one of which was testing the survey questionnaire. The results showed that guests’ level of adoption in contact less service is in the Understanding and Application level, as the guests consider the contact less technologies as very important to enhance their overall stay. Gender and Purpose of Stay did not have significant differences in the level of importance, while Location, Purpose of Stay, and Stayed during Pandemic in the level of adoption. Furthermore, the study resulted to a positive correlation between the level of importance and level of adoption variables. This study is recommended to optimize contact less service through digital and data driven technologies on selected hotels of Pasay City.

Keywords: contact less service, technologies, hotel guests’ experience