Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises During the Pandemic of COVID-19: Responses and Recovery

Authors: Jannin, Arnaldo, Bianca Shaznay ARIAS, Ree Anne DASMARIÑAS, Francheska Gabrielle DE CASTRO, Redeinna Nicole LORENA and Rain Millicent RAMOS, and Jason POSIDIO

Issue: 2022-2023


Introduction: This study determined the responses and recovery of Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic in the selected areas of the City of Manila. The researchers used descriptive design to seek the challenges encountered by the owners/managers during the pandemic. This study sought their responses and recovery during the pandemic and what are the ways to be resilient to potential global health crises. The majority agreed in wanting to continue to operate during the pandemic but had financial difficulties. Mostly agreed to proactive monitoring of their industry to have early warnings of emerging issues. The country should work to develop its economy and encourage domestic travel to help organizational resilience. It is crucial for MSTEs to establish effective pre-disaster restoration plans that outline strategies for swift action during the recovery stage. Through that, enterprises can minimize downtime, mitigate damage, and resume operations quickly as possible following a disaster.

Keywords: Challenges Encountered; COVID-19 pandemic; COVID-19 responses and recovery;  Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises; Resilience