Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila Freshmen Students’ Perspective on Their Career Choice in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in taking Hotel and Restaurant Administration Course

Authors: Percival VILLARUEL, Ceazar Ian A. NANA, Jay R. GAMATAN Jr. , James Bernard B. BALONZO, Marlon Swen R. SILVESTRE, and Lanze Sebastian A. ESPIRITU

Issue: 2022-2023


This research paper aims to explore the perspectives of freshmen students at Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila regarding their career choice in the tourism and hospitality industry, specifically through taking the Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRA) course. The study recognizes the challenges faced by college students in deciding their career path and the importance of aligning their abilities and interests with their chosen field. By examining the factors influencing career decisions, such as job opportunities, industry growth, flexible schedules, skill development, wages, employment options, and international exposure, the research provides insights into the motivations and interests of HRA freshmen students. The study employs a descriptive research design and utilizes a survey questionnaire with Likert-scale items to gather data from 73 respondents selected through simple random sampling. The findings reveal that students have a positive perception of career prospects in the tourism and hospitality industry, with a particular emphasis on job opportunities, industry growth, and the development of in demand skills. The research contributes to bridging the knowledge gap by understanding the factors influencing students’ decisions to pursue a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. The study’s outcomes can assist the university faculty in better comprehending the perspectives of freshmen students and implementing improvement initiatives for the program. Ultimately, the research aims to provide valuable insights to students and stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry, facilitating informed career decisions and promoting a more enriching academic experience.