Intramuros Virtual Tours: An Assessment in Rebuilding Travel and Tourism Industry

Authors: Rymshel I. Bergonia, Yvie D. DAGUPLO, Jobelle Ann A. GATARIN and Ryuji T. NAKAYAMA and Ann Mizer Hernandez

Issue: 2020-2021


This quantitative research sought to assess the Intramuros Virtual Tours as an alternative way of traveling in times of pandemic to rebuild the travel and tourism industry as perceived by tourists. The respondents of the study were 240 individuals who watched Intramuros Virtual Tours. A validated closed-ended survey questionnaire was used to assess the perceived benefits, perceived challenges, and learning experiences in utilizing Intramuros virtual tours. Results revealed that respondents agreed on the benefits, challenges, and learning experiences that can be gained from the Intramuros Virtual Tours. The study also showed that Intramuros Virtual Tour can be used as an alternative way of travel during the pandemic as it can help people to be entertained, gain knowledge about the destination, and relieve stress.

Keywords: Virtual Tours, Travel and Tourism Industry, Substitute of Actual Travel