Impact of the Online Reviews on Guest Satisfaction in the Hotel Services of Selected Hotels in Manila

Authors: Leonel T. Abello, Aerinne Jaen M. Avelina, Joyce Samuel A. Damgo, Mina Liezl C. Espinola, Ms. Jannin A. Calang, and Ms. Sheila Dawang

Issue: 2022-2023


This study determined the impact of online reviews on guest satisfaction with the hotel services of selected hotels in Manila. Online reviews are becoming increasingly crucial in online sales and marketing. Guest feedback is essential for hotel companies to remain in tune with their guests’ needs and consistently provide excellent guest experiences. This study used a correlational research design. The study aimed to identify the most effective methods for improving the standard of hotel services in Manila for prospective guests after understanding more about how online reviews impacted people’s decisions about where to hotel stay. The researcher provided questionnaires with questions specific to the subject to chosen respondents using a statistical survey method. The researcher utilized this research methodology to gather information from guests of five selected hotels in Manila. The majority of our respondents were between 18 and 24 years old, followed by 25-34 years old, and most of them are female plus single and employed. Guests who have previously stayed at particular hotels in Manila agree with online guest reviews. This study may help to improve the understanding of online reviews of hotel services. By doing this, the stakeholder can maximize the information and help strategize their business for the business owners or how much reliance a prospective tourist should put on online reviews. Therefore, analyzing guest feedback from online reviews is a must to identify areas for service improvement..  

Keywords: Customer-decision-making, Guest feedback, Guest Online Review Guest Satisfaction, Hotel Services, Management Response